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Excellence in quality is their hallmark’

Industrial Valls 1, S.A., is part of Corporación Empresarial Valls, S.A., which brings together five companies in the textile and graphic arts sectors.

It all began in Igualada in Barcelona in 1948, when the brothers Pere and Manuel Valls, descendants of a lineage with a strong tradition in the textile world, set up Industrias Valls, the company that began to manufacture socks under the Punto Blanco brand.

These socks are soon known for their quality, made with yarn from Scotland from the best cotton in the world, Egyptian Jumel Karnak, and for the innovation that the brand always brings to the table. In this way, Punto Blanco has become the leader in the Spanish sock market.
It currently operates globally in more than 40 countries.


From their headquarters in Igualada, where they deal with design, production, commercialisation, marketing and distribution.


Punto Blanco continues to launch its hosiery, underwear and swimwear collections every season


They are always committed to quality, using the best raw materials, Scottish thread, bamboo and natural fibres.


Because for them, excellence in quality is their hallmark.


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