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Barbuti was founded by Giuseppe Menniti and Romino Marzullo in Salerno, Italy.

It takes its name from an ancient quarter in the historic centre of Salerno, named after the long beard typical of the Lombard warriors who settled there in the 7th century AD.

For centuries, Via dei Mercanti has been home to highly specialised craftsmen and tailors.

Barbuti's flagship products are still produced in the family workshops in the province of Salerno.

Barbuti firmly believes that the real value of a product is linked to its ability to last over time. They spend months, sometimes even years, designing garments that are designed to last for ever, destined to enter the lives of those who choose them, never to leave again.

They want their creations to be used for a long time and repeatedly, reducing the need for replacement. A Barbuti suit is forever.
They are guarantors of timeless Italian elegance that is renewed from collection to collection, capturing the spirit of the times.

Barbuti creates exclusive garments that accompany men in their daily lives and in special moments.


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